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Beautiful and Sturdy Salon-Style Appliance Caddy




**Product Only Available in United States**

ANYbody who uses any type of irons, blow dryers, hot combs or multiple accessories while getting ready (so everyone in the world) will go head-over-heels for our stylish new and easy-to-use appliance caddy! It saves a TON of space and of course is very easy to both install (just put it where you want!) as well as cleanup or relocate. It's also GREAT for travelling if you like having things set up the same way wherever you go. And finally, it's an extremely durable product that truly helps keep you more organized which can be a massively underestimated relief. 


  • Product And Compartment Dimensions: See Image 3
  • Construction: High-Grade Steel In A Heat Resistant Hammered Finish
  • VERY Attractive And Lasts Many Years
  • Sectional Linings Made Of Tough Jet-Black Composite
  • Sturdy Base With Anti-Slip Foam Feet (See Image 3 For Dimensions)
  • 2 Screw Holes Available For Permanent Installation If Desired
  • 3 Outlets: Grounded, US Standard, 3-Prong Power Cord (6" long)

I'm just going to come out and say seems like every home has bathrooms that just BEG to be more organized. Whether it was in a home with multiple people competing for their time, turn and precious counter-top real estate, or it was just myself and/or one other wishing there were simple solutions enabling you to finally STOP putting your blow dryer and irons in the sink every moment. Live like royalty and get this beautiful, strong and multi-fabulous appliance caddy.